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“We need to understand teamwork as a skill”

Philip Runsten on the key to Collective Intelligence

CI model – the four capabilities

Collective intelligence model

Collective Intelligence is the skill of sharing and integrating knowledge within teams, and thus gain leverage from all group members.

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How it all started – research at the Stockholm School of Economics

How can groups in various settings integrate their knowledge in an efficient way, and manage the situation of uncertainty and complexity, when no one is in control? This is the underlying research question of Philip Runsten, PhD in Business and Administration, dissertation from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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Our collaborators and ambassadors

Alexandra Lindahl


Research Manager
Responsible for coordinating the research initiatives at Influence


Philip Runsten


PhD, Stockholm School of Economics

Senior Consultant, Founder

Andreas Werr


Department of Management and Organization

Head of Department
Department of Management and Organization

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