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How can organizations nurture, support and develop team performance?

How can organizations nurture, support and develop team performance? As part of answering this question, our current research studies teams who are using an application for self guided team-debriefs . Using such debriefs in teamwork have in previousstudies had an increase of 25% in effectiveness. In addition to performance effects, there is a theoretical basis to argue that such debriefs could also have positive effects on reducing stress, and thereby both increase well-being as well as reduce negative health effects. The current research prototype of the application is designed for 8 debriefs, during a period of approximately 8-12 weeks. Surveys will be used to measure changes in team processes, environments and results, as well as experienced health factors of the participants. The application has been designed based on our model of team knowledge integration, the CI-model. The application also uses video-based education and tutoring that coach the participants before and during their weekly debriefs.

During the fall/spring of 2018-19 we worked with a numerous of private and public organizations to test the application. The main research question being:

  • Do teams using the application develop their knowledge integration behavior and emergent states, and does this lead to increased performance?

During the winter of 2020 this study continues in cooperation with Partsrådet, the central government social partners’ council, a joint venture between unions and the central government as an employer. The previous research question will then be expanded to see if developing knowledge integration behavior and emergent states also have a positive effect on reducing stress, health and well-being. Participating in this research will be a number of central government agencies.


Philip Runsten


PhD, Stockholm School of Economics

Senior Consultant, Founder

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