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Philip Runsten

About Philip

Philip Runsten, born in 1964 in Stockholm, is a Swedish researcher and lecturer focusing on Collective Intelligence. He teaches at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and is an affiliated researcher at the SSE institute for Research. In 2007 he was also one of the founders of the management consulting company Influence.

Philip holds a PhD in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. In 2011 he defended his prize awarded dissertation on teams and knowledge integration, Collective Ability. His research was awarded “HR-research of the year, 2011”

Before returning to academia for his PhD, Philip had a long career in management consulting. He started at Accenture, and became manager working primarily in systems development and the retail industry. Later he joined and became partner in the start-up Connecta, which was introduced on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1999. Together with previous colleagues he founded the venture capital firm Deseven. In 2006 he started as a PhD candidate at the Stockholm School of Economics, and in 2007 he was one of the founders of the consulting firm Influence.


Philip Runsten


PhD, Stockholm School of Economics

Senior Consultant, Founder

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