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Previous Research


  • Nominated: ”HR-book of the year”, 2016
  • “HR-research of the year”, 2011, award granted by The Swedish HR-association, Uppsala University, Studentlitteratur, Tidningen Personal & ledarskap 


  • Runsten, P (2017) Team intelligence – the foundations of intelligent organizations. A literature review, Influence AB
  • Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2016) Kunskapsintegration – om kollektiv intelligens i organisationer,  Studentlitteratur, Lund
  • Werr, A. & Runsten, P. (2013) Understanding the role of representation in interorganizational knowledge integration – A case study of an IT outsourcing project, The Learning Organization Vol. 20 No. 2:118-133
  • Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2013) Understanding performance in professional work groups – task representation as a mediator of the relationship between transactive memory systems and performance. Paper presented at Novak Druce Annual PSF Conference
  • Runsten, P. (2012) Hur samarbetar experter? In Furusten & Werr (Ed.), Expertsamhällets organisering – okunskapens triumf? Studentlitteratur: Lund.
  • Runsten, P. (2011) Kollektiv förmåga – en avhandling om grupper och kunskapsintegration
  • Ejenäs, M., Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2009) Conditions for Heedful Interrelating in Professional Service Firm Teams. Paper presented at the EGOS meeting. Barcelona, July
  • Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2008) Integrating Competencies In Professional Work – A Study Of Collective Learning Behavior And Coordination In Professional Work Groups. Paper presented at the 2008 EGOS meeting, sub-theme 3 “Professional Service Organizations and Knowledge-Intensive Work”
  • Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2008) Integrating Competencies in Consulting – the role of language, role frames and social action theory. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Anaheim, CA. 
  • Runsten, P. & Werr, A. (2007) Integrating Competencies in IT outsourcing projects – a study of knowledge boundaries and their reproduction. Paper presented at the ZEW workshop “Innovative Capabilities and the Role of Consultants in the Information Economy.” Mannheim, November 19th-20th 2007

Business Media

  • Framtidens ledarskap (2019): Intervju, Almega/Ledarna
  • Framtidens ledarskap (2019): Intervju Civilekonomen
  • Arbetsgivarverket (2019): Bygg starka team med kollektiv intelligens, Podd
  • Akademikern (2018): Lyssna mer och skapa ett bättre team
  • Universtitetsläraren (2018): Höj temperaturen i gruppen och skapa bättre team
  • Personal och ledarskap (2017), Bli smartare tillsammans
  • Chef (2016), Forskning: Så får du din personal att lyfta
  • Finansliv (2014), Det sociala spelet stjälper arbetsgruppen
  • PharmaIndustry (2012) Chefens nya uppgift – att mobilisera gruppens kunskap
  • Projektvärlden (2011) Om kunskapsintegration i projekt
  • Dagens Industri (Human Resources) 2010 Den kollektiva förmågan
  • Dagens Industri, debattartikel (2009) Företagens framgång hänger på medarbetarnas samverkan

Other Activities

Along with our research we also teach on the topic of group dynamics and knowledge integration at the Stockholm School of Economics, since 2009.

Bachelor level
2009-     SSE, Third-year students, in management consulting and Operations Management, teaching basics of group dynamics and leadership

Master level
2009-     SSE, Group dynamics skill seminars – Master in Management

We also teach on the topic of Collective Intelligence at different programs given by the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education.

An important part of our work is also to interact with organizations in the public and private sectors. We do research, workshops, hold seminars and give lectures between 4-8 times per month.

Since 2017 we are also working on developing an application to support teams in developing their Collective Intelligence. Systems for Collective Intelligence in large organizations will need to be built on a digital platform in order both to support, monitor and integrate resources for team development. A corner stone in such an architecture will be the team application.

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